SCD Tip: Make SCD Gravy With Your Leftover Broth Ingredients

Gravy has been elusive to me since starting the SCD diet. I’ll admit that’s partly because I’d never made gravy the regular way before embarking on SCD. I’d seen my grandmother make it many times, but I usually had gotten mine out of a can. But there’s no SCD-friendly gravy in a can, so I led a gravy-free life until recently.

My last batch of chicken broth had a nice, rich flavor that reminded me of gravy. I’d heard of using carrots and onions to thicken sauces instead of flour or corn starch, and I had plenty of those already cooked from the broth, so I figured I would give it try.

I just made a small batch using about a cup of the carrots and onions left over after straining the broth and a little of the broth. It turned out awesome! It’s great to use the traditional way over turkey or mashed cauliflower, or you can use it in a casserole.


It’s easy to make using your left over broth fixings. Here’s what I did:

For the broth I had used chicken bones, carrots, onions, and celery, with salt and pepper to season. After I strained the broth I added a cup of the left over carrots and onions to a saucepan. I didn’t use the celery because I thought it might be a little stringy. I also added about a cup of the broth.

I used an immersion blender to puree everything and then brought the mixture to a boil. I boiled it, while stirring, until the gravy thickened and reduced. It took about ten minutes. You’ll want to lower the temperature a little to keep it at a soft boil. Add more broth if needed. That’s it!


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  1. I make gravy with navy bean flour. First soak the navy beans for 24 hours then dehydrate until very dry. Then I grind them in my coffee grinder until a fine powder. Use a couple tablespoons in your broth and simmer until thickened. It makes awesome gravy!

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