SCD Tip: Make Ahead Frozen Pizza

If there’s one thing I hear about the most from others follow the Specific Carbohydate Diet (SCD), it’s that meal prep takes a long time. It can be one of the most discouraging factors for people to follow the diet. Whenever I find something that saves time I like to pass it on. Advance meal preparation makes a work or school week a lot easier.

Frozen SCD pizza

If you can make a meal that can be cooked ahead of time, frozen, and reheated, that’s an SCD win. Who doesn’t have those nights when you don’t have much more engergy than to turn on the oven? When that frozen meal is pizza, that’s an even bigger win. It’s such a normal feeling to pop a frozen pizza in the oven, or toaster oven and you can do it on SCD.

Frozen SCD pizza out of the oven

My best bet for frozen pizza is to make an extra, or two, using the Liberated Specialty Foods pizza crust. It’s already firm and was meant to be frozen. I cook up the extras, let them cool, cut them up and freeze them.

Frozen SCD pizza – ready to eat!

Then I just pop one in the oven at 350 for about 30 minutes! Everything came out great, even the cheese. I went a little light on the cheese for the frozen one – you can always add more when you cook it. You could even make a pizza with sauce and toppings and just add the cheese when you’re going to cook it.

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