SCD Tip: Spaghetti Squash Rings

Spaghetti-Squash-Rings-cookedI don’t make spaghetti squash all that often because I don’t like preparing it. It takes too long and I hate the cutting and scraping. That’s all changed with this quick and easy way to cook the squash.

My old method was to poke holes in it with a knife and then roasting it for about an hour. This still required the messy process of scraping out the seeds.

Recently, I saw a recipe that called for the spaghetti squash to be cooked in rings. I was intrigued, mostly because the squash could be cooked in a much shorter time. I decided to try it out.

Not only did the squash cook in only 30 minutes, but cutting and cleaning it was a breeze.

Cutting lengthwise is a challenge, but cutting across to make rings couldn’t have been easier. Once I had the rings all I had to do was use my thumbs to push out the middle part with the seeds. It popped right out. No more scraping and scooping.

The cooked squash pulled right out of the rings and was the perfect texture.

Give it a try!

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