SCD Recipe: Lime and Cherry Tart

This tart is a take on one of my most popular SCD recipes – Lemon Blueberry Bars. Besides the flavors, the main difference is making this into a tart instead of bars. This created a thinner, lighter crust which I really liked. It was more like pie. The tartness of the lime and cherries combined with the sweetness of the honey makes for a refreshing dessert.


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4 thoughts on “SCD Recipe: Lime and Cherry Tart

    1. Oh! Sorry, I can’t believe I left those off. 3 eggs, and I updated the recipe.

  1. This looks wonderful. I have always loved to cook and bake so I print a lot of recipes. One thing that struck me is that there appeared to be no way to make the recipe printer-friendly and omit the pictures. When I did run it off, I was sort of unnerved that yes indeed the recipe printed in green ink, at least some of it did. Then the whole thing ran more than two pages. Sure I could have copies and dropped it into Word and made corrections. I might try it and comment of the end product if I don’t run out of printer paper.

    1. Are you hitting the printer icon in the top right of the recipe next to the title (not the top of the blog post, but the recipe itself)? This will bring up a print-friendly version in black with no pics.

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