Product Review: Wildway Granola

I have been following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet for 15 years. In that 15 years, cereal has become a thing of the past. Finding something that is SCD friendly is pretty difficult. With the popularity of Paleo there are more and more gluten, grain, and sugar-free items on the market, but most seem to contain at least one SCD illegal ingredient.

So, I was pretty excited when the folks at Wildway Granola contacted me about their Paleo and SCD-friendly granola. Of course I had to try it and they were nice enough to send me some samples of their flavors – Banana Nut, Apple Spice, and Coconut Cashew. I love it!

Wildway Granola

You can check out the ingredients list right here.

Like most SCD foods, the granola has a soft texture because it doesn’t have any sugar. It doesn’t even have honey. Dates are the primary sweetener and those are soft. But, the pumpkin seeds and other nuts give it a satisfying granola texture.

It makes a great yogurt topping!

Wildway Granola with Yogurt


The classic – Cereal and (almond) milk with raspberries and sliced bananasWildway-Granola-Cereal

And one of my favorite ways to use it – as a topping for an individual apple crisp!


For information on where you can find Wildway Granola Рclick here or to buy online.

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