Survived Six Day Business Trip

The blog has been silent for a while because I was on a business trip for the past week. I was a little nervous about this trip because for the past couple of months I have been cooking almost all my own foods and avoiding restaurants. Also, when my husband and I travel we usually go by car so I can bring what I need and have the ability to drive to grocery stores or accommodating restaurants (like Sweet Tomatoes!). Of course my husband is very supportive and helpful about my diet so he will help do whatever it takes to get the right foods.

This time I was on a plane for a trip to the NAMM trade show in Anaheim. I had no cooking facilities, and even though I was a driver on one of our rental cars, I could not get to a health food oriented store like Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. That’s six days without my homemade yogurt, which I missed.

To prepare for the trip I ordered some Polar Tuna packs from Amazon. I really wanted to have the packs because they are easier to pack and I didn’t want to have to bring a can opener or have to drain tuna into the sink in my room (I was sharing a room, so not too nice for my roommate). I also loaded up on Lara Bars and ReBars.

On the first day I went to Quzno’s for lunch and asked for a veggie salad – it didn’t have much on it, but it was good with my tuna. For dinner I went to a restaurant with some of my co-workeres. I hadn’t had time to go to a grocery store, so I just requested a restaurant that serves “American” food. We went to a pretty cool place in Downtown Disney (not a part of the park) called Jazz Kitchen. They were accommodating and prepared me a plain grilled steak and subbed a green salad for their garlic fries.

I have heard Disneyland itself is very accommodating to people with special diets. I did not get to set one foot in the park unfortunately. The next day I ate my snack bars and fruit for breakfast and lunch, and in the evening I made it out to Albertson’s grocery store. I picked up a  bag of salad, some cheese, a four pack of Tejava iced tea, and a four pack of Perrier.

Our booth at the trade show was catered for breakfast and lunch. So I basically found what I could eat out of that (usually some fruit and green salad) and supplemented with my snack bars. On the very last day I found a stand selling 100% fruit smoothies, so I got one of those. Every night I made a salad with my tuna for dinner. I normally wouldn’t eat so much tuna in one week, but for this trip it was a necessity.

On the last night I had run out of my salad in a bag and I was tired of being a loner so I went out to dinner with the group. I figured I would just order whatever I could and eat something later if it wasn’t enough. We went to a restaurant called Alcatraz, which was in an open air mall. I decided to order the Cobb salad with oil and vinegar on the side. It was my one exception, because the salad had turkey on it. The turkey probably had some illegal ingredients, but I decided it would probably be okay.

So all went fairly well, and I felt fine the whole time. Not everyone on the trip knew about my special diet, so I felt a little weird sometimes. I also couldn’t drink, which I know stood out a little, but honestly I don’t really care all that much anymore.

Sherry Lipp

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3 thoughts on “Survived Six Day Business Trip

  1. My husband just started this diet over a week ago to help manage his crohn’s. He is feeling 100% better. I enjoy reading your posts. They give us great ideas of what to eat. Thanks Michelle

  2. I was so surprised by this posting because I too traveled to the NAMM show this year and I’ve been on the SCD diet for 3 and a half years. I brought a George Foreman grill in my luggage and cooked chicken breast in the bathroom of my hotel so I wouldn’t set off the fire alarm. Luckily my room mate fine with everything! I didn’t get sick either. Gotta love those Lara bars! They are a life saver.

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