Have You Heard of Vitamin Honey?

I just dicovered this great new product that is perfect for SCD and anyone else who wants a natural alternative to traditional supplements. Vitamin Honey is honey that has been fortified. Currently the company is offering vitamins D and C (separately).

Honey Vitamin Sticks

The honey comes in sticks that you can have one per day or in jars that contain 21 teaspoons. The great thing is you can eat them plain or add them to yogurt, tea, coffee, or anything you might put honey on.

The folks at Vitamin Honey were kind enough to send me few of their Vitamin D and Vitamin C honey sticks so I could try them out. I have to saay I can’t believe this hasn’t been thought of before. As anyone on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet knows, finding supplements that don’t have any illegal ingredients is very difficult. These honey sticks are perfect. It tastes just like regular honey and it’s a really easy, and tasty, way to get your vitamins. .

According to founder James Richard, he developed the product after his brother was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. Richard’s brother controls his symptoms through diet and they wanted a natural alernative to supplements.

I highly recommend these. You can order a month’s supply of the sticks for $45. I know I sometimes have trouble maintaining my Vitamin D levels – no matter how much time I spend in the sun – and this is an easy way to boost that level.

Notes: According to the Vitamin Honey website, One Vitamin D honey stick contain 125% daily value and one Vitamin C honey stick contains 250% daily value.

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