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So, I have not posted in a while because I was on vacation. We took a road trip down to Green River, Utah (from Seattle). Green River is about 50 miles from Moab, for those familiar with the area. We have stayed in Moab a few times, but this was our first time staying in Green River.

We spent some time hiking in the San Rafael Swell (well that one turned out to be more driving than hiking) and in some areas of Moab that we hadn’t been before.

Green River was not the most SCD friendly town. There was one small grocery store, with a surprising amount of variety given its size, and only a few restaurants. My room had a microwave and refrigerator. We tried a restaurant called the Tamarisk, and it was pretty good. I was able to order a plain chicken breast and have the salad bar – I also had a baked potato, but that is not SCD (I always try to say when I go outside the diet). Otherwise I had some salad and tuna. Also when I travel I like to take Amy’s Organic Split Pea Soup. It is a canned soup, but there are no SCD illegal ingredients. They even say on their website – “100% pure herbs and spices no hidden ingredients.” I find it handy to have on hand, and I like Amy’s brand. I only had this once on the trip.

Of course I brought my tuna, some raw trail mix, applesauce, and plenty of Lara Bars. I had no trouble the whole time. On the way we stopped at the Whole Foods in Salt Lake City for lunch, and to stock up on any snacks and drinks we knew we wouldn’t be able to get past that point.

Though Green River wasn’t all that SCD friendly I have to say Moab has expanded quite a bit since we were last there. There is a grocery store in town that always had a salad bar, but this store has added tons more food than last time I was there. The salad bar was bigger, and they had a lot of organic food. I was really happy to see that.

LOL – Wow! Luckily was able to avoid using this.

One thing about traveling with Crohn’s (or UC) and on SCD is to be prepared. I had enough food so that I knew I wouldn’t be hungry if I couldn’t find anything else to eat. Maybe it wasn’t always a meal, but it was something. I couldn’t make yogurt on this trip, but I had my probiotic pills with me. I just kept it in the cooler when we were driving, and made sure we always had a room with a refrigerator.

I haven’t had time to cook anything for a while, but I’m looking forward to getting back to it this week. I’ve found so many recipes I want to try.

Sherry Lipp

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Sherry Lipp

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