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Happy leap day everyone!

So, next month I will be traveling to Germany. This will be the first time I have traveled outside the U.S. or Canada since starting SCD.

I am traveling for work, so I will not be in charge of where I am staying, my own transportation, or much of my own time. Just by chance, my friends at SCD Lifestyle just put up some travel advice, and it is very good advice, though I won’t be able to follow all of it.. My situation is a bit unique because I won’t be able to go out and find grocery stores or doing any real cooking of my own. I don’t know at this point if my hotel even has a refrigerator. Not sure how standard those are where I am staying.

I will be there for one week. I’m planning to bring as much portable food as I can, so I should be able to get by as long as I can get some basics like plain salad and fruit. I’m hoping to be able to order meals at restaurants.

I don’t speak German, so if anyone has any tips on ordering, or has been to Frankfurt and the surrounding areas please let me know! I have been to Germany before (many, many years ago), so I know the food is not completely unfamiliar, and I should be able to get what I need. When I visited before I didn’t have to give what I ate a second thought, so this will be a new experience.

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