Cheese and the SCD Diet Infographic

Do you ever lose track of what kinds of cheese are okay to eat on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet? I made this infographic to help you keep track of what kinds of cheese you can eat whenever you want, what kinds are for once in a while, and what kinds you should avoid altogether.


Sherry Lipp

11 thoughts on “Cheese and the SCD Diet Infographic

  1. Would you be ok, if I posted this on the SCD facebook group I am a member of?
    David Fenton

  2. I see that Parmesan is on two lists, “eat freely”, and “eat occasionally”. Is there a mistake? Not sure how to interpret this. Also, what about goat cheese?

    1. Yes, this is a mistake. It should be eat freely. I need to make a correction to the chart. Goat cheese is not allowed.

    1. My version of Breaking the Vicious Cycle book says Guyere is illegal, so there is a discrepancy there – I have the 7th edition from 1999. I’m surprised the website doesn’t say anything about it since it is listed as illegal in the book – or at least the earlier editions. I’m hoping someone with a later edition can let me know if the list was updated in the books.

  3. i am confused as a new SCD diet member- what ingredients should I look for in legal cheese? Most list milk as an ingredient??? Also can you help inform me about legal honey-raw/filtered/unfiltered/pasteurized/unpasteurized?? Thank you!

      1. Can anyone tell me if Calcium Chloride is legal in canned tomatoes? Thank you!

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