Product Review: Caveman Cookies

Always on the lookout for SCD friendly snacks I was excited to discover Caveman Cookies. They popped up in a giveaway on a Paleo blog site and I was eager to check them out. The company graciously sent me some samples to try out so I could discuss them in relation to the diet here on the blog.

There are currently six flavors and three of them are suitable for the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (click the links for a list of ingredients):

Rainforest – I need to verify that that dried cherries do not contain sugar – UPDATE (6/2/14) – Caveman Cookies verified that there is no sugar in the dried cherries.

Tropical – my favorite!

Original – the most basic and probably the best for beginning SCDers.

So the next question after determining something is SCD legal is how does it taste?

These are a nice little sweet snack. The taste is good – they are not overly sweet and there is a nice combination of spices. Like most baked goods that use honey as the sweetener, these have a chewy texture. If you are looking for a crunchy butter cookie or even a regular soft cookie these are not that. It’s nearly impossible to get the texture that wheat flour and sugar creates, so I’ve stopped comparing at this point. I just judge on whether I like something or not.

I like these – they are a good energy snack. What I also like is that the cookies come individually wrapped so it’s handy to grab a few to take along wherever you are going. I also like that the ingredients are healthy – it’s not like eating total junk food – you wouldn’t want to go overboard, but it’s still a fairly wholesome snack. They are pretty filling so you probably wouldn’t want to eat a ton at once anyway.

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