Grain Free Gourment Cookbooks Review

I have both Grain Free Gourmet Cookbooks Grain Free Gourmet: Delicious Recipes for Healthy Living and Everyday Grain-Free Gourmet. I love them both. I highly recommend them to anyone following SCD. They are all SCD recipes so these two cookbooks can really expand your SCD meal plans.

Grain Free Gourmet

I made my first SCD waffles using the recipes from Delicious Recipes for Healthy Living. In the ten years since I started following SCD I had never tried making waffles. These turned out great. I did make a slight modification – their recipe called for four eggs, but I only had three left in my carton (why do I start cooking before making sure I have all the ingredients?), so I used three eggs and increased the liquid by a couple tablespoons, and it worked! The texture was not far off from the flour waffles I made for my husband. They were surprisingly light and fluffy,  which doesn’t always happen when using almond flour.

From the Everyday Grain-Free I made my most successful pizza crust (picture featured on the cover of the book). The crust is super thin and must be rolled out between parchment paper. It actually seems like it will be too think to hold the ingredients, but once it’s cooked it works. The only thing I might try next time is cooking the crust a little before adding my toppings and baking the pizza. I like to use a lot of sauce, so I never get it crispy enough.

Everyday Grain Free Gourmet

There are plenty of recipes for main dishes, soups, desserts, breads, and vegetables. There are still so many I want to try including the Chicken Alfredo and Spinach Gnocchi. There is a lot of useful information about cooking with almond flour and using yogurt.

Sherry Lipp

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Sherry Lipp

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