A Weeks Worth Of Dinners

Sunday – Spaghetti squash with Classico Tomato Basil Sauce, ground turkey, and parmesan cheese.

Monday – Left over spaghetti squash with Classico Tomato Basil Sauce, ground turkey, and paremsan cheese.

Tuesday – Egg scramble – eggs, all-natural no-nitrate turkey bacon, red & green bell peppers, onion, sharp cheddar cheese. Grapes.

Wednesday – Chicken Taco Salad. Baked chicken breast tenders, black beans, romaine lettuce, tomato, cheddar-jack cheese, fresh salsa, a few plantain chips. Used yogurt for sour cream.

Thursday – Dinner at Boston’s restaurant. Ordered Boston’s Cobb – plain grilled chicken, romaine & spinach, tomatoes, plain pecans, hard-boiled egg, bacon, mozzarella & cheddar cheese with oil and red wine vinegar. — there is a very small amount of mozzarella on the salad. You could ask them to leave off the cheese mixture, because they will add some fresh parmesan when they serve it.

Friday – Grass Fed Natural Sirloin burgers with colby-jack cheese, black beans with salsa, roasted broccoli, cauliflower & carrots.

Saturday – Late lunch at Claim Jumper. Ordered the Giant Stuffed Baker. This is a baked potato that comes with either blackened or charbroiled chicken (I got the charbroiled), a vegetable mixture of broccoli, carrots, zucchini and cauliflower, and melted cheddar and jack cheese. I ate about half of the actual potato. The potato normally comes with alfredo sauce on the side, but I had them substitute some of their fresh salsa instead.

For luches and breakfasts – I normally have yogurt and fruit or a Lara Bar and banana fro breakfast, and a salad or soup for lunch. Sometimes I will take the previous nights left-overs for lunch, so there is not too much to write about for those.

SCD Exceptions for the week:

Some of the Westbrae Ketchup with my sirloin burger.
Some Plantain Chips
Baked Potatoe
Classico spaghetti sauce (I hardly think of that as an exception anymore, but I guess it is)

Sherry Lipp

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