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SCD Recipe: Cherry Peanut Butter Marble Cookies

I don’t make SCD cookies (or any cookies for that matter) often, because I have a hard time getting them to come out right. I have some failed attempts I have never shared on these, but at last I thought these came out good!


They don’t have the usual texture of peanut butter cookies (hard to do without granulated sugar I think), but they do have a soft cake-like texture that is really nice.

These make a great pick-me-up snack or can even be a breakfast accompaniment – fruit, peanut butter, and lightly sweetened – that’s okay for breakfast, right?

I’m not an expert at marbling, but I was pretty happy with the contrast. Maybe some of you will be able to do better with that.

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SCD Recipe: Fluffy Date Cupcakes

These date cupcakes are light and airy and not too sweet. They are a great snack or light dessert – and I won’t tell if  you have it for breakfast.


Being that this is made with dates and has not baking soda, it came out a lot lighter than I expected. I love the texture of these. A lot of times almond flour recipes come out a little heavy and sometimes oily, but these have stayed light and fluffy.

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SCD Recipe: Chicken Broth

Making homemade broth may not be the first thing on your mind in these warm summer months – it’s been around 90 here for days and days – but broth and/or stock is an important staple of the SCD diet.


I like to make up a bunch and freeze it by the cup to have handy for recipes. Making broth is super easy and once you do it, you’ll never want to have anything else (which, we’re not supposed to do on SCD anyway).

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SCD Recipe: Strawberry Lemonade Cream Pie

The perfect summer SCD recipe – Strawberry Lemonade Cream Pie.

This uses rich and creamy  lemon curd, combined with whipped cream yogurt. Yogurt can be made with whipping cream, the same as it’s made with milk. You’ll probably want to save it for an occasional treat, but it is pretty awesome for dessert making or just for a topping.

SCD Recipe Strawberry-Lemonade-Cream-Pie-Slice

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Homemade SCD Yogurt and the Specific Carbohydrate Diet

One of the questions I am asked most often is if there is any kind of commercial yogurt that can be substituted for the homemade SCD yogurt.

The answer to that question is no.

SCD yogurt is fermented for 24 hours, which provides the correct bacteria levels for the diet. The official Breaking the Vicious Cycle website has a great section on yogurt and provides a ton of info about it.

yogourmet yogurt maker

With all the kinds of yogurt out there, I know it can be tempting to try them out. These days people are demanding more from their yogurt – less sugar, higher quality, pasture milk, etc, – and that’s great, but it’s still not SCD friendly.

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Leaky Gut Webinar – All Disease Begins Here…

2,500 years ago Hippocrates said that “All disease begins in the gut.”

Leaky Gut SeminarWe all know that when you’ve got an “upset stomach” it can derail your day, your week, your year, and your life. Suddenly you’re missing work, canceling social engagements, and you become afraid to go anywhere. The thought of traffic jams, airplanes, and business meetings strikes terror in your heart. Forget about traveling, the beach, and hiking in the mountains.

Life becomes about your gut and avoiding the pain and embarrassing situations it can cause.  Even though we’ve told everyone we just have an “upset stomach” we know that there’s more going on than that. I’ve been there and I know how these symptoms can disrupt your life. I used to have trouble staying awke at my desk at work – something my co-workers started to notice. The turning point for me was making my friends turn around and take me home when we were on our way to the movies one day.

I made up my mind that was never going to happen again. I made up my mind to take control of my life by taking care of myself and changing my diet.

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SCD Recipe: Collard Wraps

If you’re like me,  you probably miss having a sandwich. You may have even tried making some SCD bread only to find it doesn’t work all that well for a sandwich that has anything more than peanut butter and jelly on it.

Personally, I’m not a fan of almond flour bread, so I’ve been trying to find suitable substitutions. There’s something to be said for being able to stack your favorite sandwich ingredients together with a little mustard. It’s satisfying. And sometimes putting all those exact same things in a salad just doesn’t do it.


I’ve seen collard wraps in the deli section at the store, but I’ve never been able to try one because of non-SCD fillings. I finally decided to try it on my own. I discovered quickly that you can’t just wrap a raw collard green around some stuff and have something palpable, they take a little prep.

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SCD Recipe: Carrot Cake with Creamy Caramel Peanut Butter Frosting

If you’re looking for a SCD recipe for a not-to-sweet cake that works for breakfast or dessert then this carrot cake is it.


I usually stick with cupcakes because it can be hard to cook the cake evenly. I think cooking with almond flour and honey makes it harder to get the center cooked, but this cake came out perfectly in 25 minutes.

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Product Review: Strawberry Shortcake and Coconut Pineapple Cake Larabars

LÄRABAR has released two new limited edition flavors for summer – Strawberry Shortcake and Coconut Pineapple Cake.

I’m going to say right up front that these bars are not 100% SCD legal because they contain a dried juice concentrate.



Being that the juice is the the last ingredient on the list, and I feel good abut LÄRABAR, I was good with giving these a try. The decision of course is your own. I don’t really recommend LÄRABAR for anyone at the beginning stages of the diet, or who are experiencing a lot of symptoms because the nuts and dates could be an irritant. But once you are back to feeling good LÄRABARs make a convenient on-the-go snack. The decision to try these two flavors is of course up to you.

Strawberry Shortcake

I love this bar. It’s one of the most ambitious bars from LÄRABAR yet. For one thing it has macadamia nuts! It also has pecans, dried strawberries, and dried cranberries (LÄRABAR typically labels every ingredient, but I sent them an email to verify whether or not these have sugar).

Ingredients (I have already verified that the vanilla does not contain sugar):

Strawberry Shortcake Larabar ingredients

Coconut Pineapple Cake

This one reminded me of the tropical flavor they had a while back, but I like this one better. It has more simple flavor with just pineapple and coconut. It’s kind of like their Coconut Cream Pie flavor with a little kick. I really like the hint of lime (not SCD legal) that’s there.


Coconut Pineapple Cake Larabar



Larabars top photo: Sherry Lipp

Larabars ingredients photo: LÄRABAR