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Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup

Looking for some last minute Thanksgiving recipe ideas? This is a holiday that can be daunting if you feel like you’re going to be left out on the feasting! However, there are plenty of classics that are easy to make so you’re not stuck with a piece of turkey and some veggies on your plate (I’ve been there plenty of times).

Here are a few of my favorite holiday recipes for Specific Carbohydrate Diet:


Cranberry Sauce

Spiced Applesauce

Roasted Cauliflower Soup

Squash and Apple Soup

Cheese and Garlic Biscuits

Pumpkin Walnut Muffins

Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Dates

Date Nut Torte


How to Travel with Crohn’s Disease

It’s happening: that dream trip that you’ve been planning for ages is finally booked. Does the idea of travel fill you with excited butterflies? It should. With a digestive disorder like Crohn’s disease, however, the idea of traveling can be a stressful one that causes some patients to avoid travel altogether. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Planning can make traveling less uncertain and allow individuals living with Crohn’s disease to explore their surroundings with less worry about potential health issues.

2012-04-30 12.08.21

Photo Credit: Sherry Lipp

Tips for Travel

Whether traveling by air, by rail, or by car, there are things that one can do to make the travel process easier.  Here are a few tips to take as one prepares to travel:

  • Find a doctor early. Knowing where a doctor is in the destination city can lift a huge worry off of a Crohn’s patient’s shoulders. Ask your regular doctor for a recommendation.
  • Take enough medications along. Ensure that you have enough crohn’s medication for the whole trip, and take extra, just in case something happens. Keep pills in the original containers if you’re flying.
  • Pack copies of prescriptions and take a typed physician’s statement.
  • Create a low-stress itinerary.  Consider booking a travel package or deal from a company with a good reputation in order to minimize travel problems and stress. Also, book flights that are nonstop or have few connections.
  • Talk to your health insurance provider. Know your coverage and its limits, especially if traveling abroad.
  • Let flight attendants know of your condition. If you have Crohn’s disease, letting your flight attendants know might convince them to allow accommodations like access to the first-class restroom if necessary.
  • Create a Bathroom Kit.  Keep the kit with you and include things like extra undergarments, hand soap, toilet paper or wet wipes, and plastic bags, just in case you encounter a bathroom that is not stocked properly.

These tips may lessen the stress that travel can bring, and the potential for a stress-related Crohn’s disease flare up.  So, pack your bags, find a doctor, and enjoy your trip! For more information about Crohn’s contact Crohns.net

Product Review: Wildway Granola

I have been following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet for 15 years. In that 15 years, cereal has become a thing of the past. Finding something that is SCD friendly is pretty difficult. With the popularity of Paleo there are more and more gluten, grain, and sugar-free items on the market, but most seem to contain at least one SCD illegal ingredient.

So, I was pretty excited when the folks at Wildway Granola contacted me about their Paleo and SCD-friendly granola. Of course I had to try it and they were nice enough to send me some samples of their flavors – Banana Nut, Apple Spice, and Coconut Cashew. I love it!

Wildway Granola

You can check out the ingredients list right here.

Like most SCD foods, the granola has a soft texture because it doesn’t have any sugar. It doesn’t even have honey. Dates are the primary sweetener and those are soft. But, the pumpkin seeds and other nuts give it a satisfying granola texture.

It makes a great yogurt topping!

Wildway Granola with Yogurt


The classic – Cereal and (almond) milk with raspberries and sliced bananasWildway-Granola-Cereal

And one of my favorite ways to use it – as a topping for an individual apple crisp!


For information on where you can find Wildway Granola – click here or to buy online.

SCD Recipe: Cherry Peanut Butter Marble Cookies

I don’t make SCD cookies (or any cookies for that matter) often, because I have a hard time getting them to come out right. I have some failed attempts I have never shared on these, but at last I thought these came out good!


They don’t have the usual texture of peanut butter cookies (hard to do without granulated sugar I think), but they do have a soft cake-like texture that is really nice.

These make a great pick-me-up snack or can even be a breakfast accompaniment – fruit, peanut butter, and lightly sweetened – that’s okay for breakfast, right?

I’m not an expert at marbling, but I was pretty happy with the contrast. Maybe some of you will be able to do better with that.

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SCD Recipe: Fluffy Date Cupcakes

These date cupcakes are light and airy and not too sweet. They are a great snack or light dessert – and I won’t tell if  you have it for breakfast.


Being that this is made with dates and has not baking soda, it came out a lot lighter than I expected. I love the texture of these. A lot of times almond flour recipes come out a little heavy and sometimes oily, but these have stayed light and fluffy.

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SCD Recipe: Chicken Broth

Making homemade broth may not be the first thing on your mind in these warm summer months – it’s been around 90 here for days and days – but broth and/or stock is an important staple of the SCD diet.


I like to make up a bunch and freeze it by the cup to have handy for recipes. Making broth is super easy and once you do it, you’ll never want to have anything else (which, we’re not supposed to do on SCD anyway).

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SCD Recipe: Strawberry Lemonade Cream Pie

The perfect summer SCD recipe – Strawberry Lemonade Cream Pie.

This uses rich and creamy  lemon curd, combined with whipped cream yogurt. Yogurt can be made with whipping cream, the same as it’s made with milk. You’ll probably want to save it for an occasional treat, but it is pretty awesome for dessert making or just for a topping.

SCD Recipe Strawberry-Lemonade-Cream-Pie-Slice

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Homemade SCD Yogurt and the Specific Carbohydrate Diet

One of the questions I am asked most often is if there is any kind of commercial yogurt that can be substituted for the homemade SCD yogurt.

The answer to that question is no.

SCD yogurt is fermented for 24 hours, which provides the correct bacteria levels for the diet. The official Breaking the Vicious Cycle website has a great section on yogurt and provides a ton of info about it.

yogourmet yogurt maker

With all the kinds of yogurt out there, I know it can be tempting to try them out. These days people are demanding more from their yogurt – less sugar, higher quality, pasture milk, etc, – and that’s great, but it’s still not SCD friendly.

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Leaky Gut Webinar – All Disease Begins Here…

2,500 years ago Hippocrates said that “All disease begins in the gut.”

Leaky Gut SeminarWe all know that when you’ve got an “upset stomach” it can derail your day, your week, your year, and your life. Suddenly you’re missing work, canceling social engagements, and you become afraid to go anywhere. The thought of traffic jams, airplanes, and business meetings strikes terror in your heart. Forget about traveling, the beach, and hiking in the mountains.

Life becomes about your gut and avoiding the pain and embarrassing situations it can cause.  Even though we’ve told everyone we just have an “upset stomach” we know that there’s more going on than that. I’ve been there and I know how these symptoms can disrupt your life. I used to have trouble staying awke at my desk at work – something my co-workers started to notice. The turning point for me was making my friends turn around and take me home when we were on our way to the movies one day.

I made up my mind that was never going to happen again. I made up my mind to take control of my life by taking care of myself and changing my diet.

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